In a significant step towards resilient agricultural practices in Kebbi state Nigeria, Cofarms participated in a pivotal meeting with the National agency for the great green wall today to discuss the profound implications of regenerative agriculture on food security, stability, commercial agriculture, and the livelihoods of small-holder farmers. During the meeting, Cofarms presented a comprehensive document highlighting the multifaceted benefits of regenerative food forestry agriculture.

The presentation underscored how a regenerative food forestry project not only enhances soil health and reduces carbon emissions but also plays a crucial role in bolstering food security by diversifying crop resilience and ensuring more stable yields. Furthermore, the presentation emphasized how regenerative practices can provide economic opportunities for both large-scale commercial agriculture and small-holder farmers, creating a more sustainable and equitable food system while implementing a resilient market supply chain. This collaborative dialogue between Cofarms and the National agency for the great green wall signals a promising shift towards a greener and more food-secure future, with a shared commitment to harnessing the potential of regenerative agriculture for the benefit of all.

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