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We have a special interest in our customers and serving them better is our only goal, we build a relationship and connect with our customers on an individual level, listen to their complains and needs and develop a product/services that best address their problems. Below are some of the products/services that our customers want and need.

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Ginger is our core crop in COFARMS and has been producing ginger for over fifteen years in southern Kaduna. We produce ginger in seven Local Government Areas in Kaduna State and also part of Benue, Nasarawa and the FCT. We work with 600 certified organic farmers to produce an annual capacity of 100 to 300 hectares of organic certified ginger and also work with 7000 organic in conversion farmers to cultivate 800 hectares and produce 15,000 metric tonnes of fresh rhizomes annually and processed dry split of 1800 metric tonnes.

We produce two major types of Ginger (elephant foot and monkey fingers) and harvest period starts from November 30th to February 20th every year. Our products for ginger are fresh ginger rhizomes, dry split ginger, ginger powder, ginger juice and extracts Book for your Ginger.


Ginger seedling





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Traning and Extentions

Farm Management

Crop Farming Traning

At Co-farms we believe that everybody must not run a farm but everybody should own a farm.

Cofarms Greenaid Revolution LTD

Promoting participation of women in Organic Agriculture


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