Who we are!

COFARMS Improves and promote resilient/sustainable agriculture systems through regenerative food forestry production and organic agriculture as a method of improving smallholder farmers resilience to improve on food production. We are an agro tech company that deploy technology to boost food security through smallholder farmers participation /engagement by implementing resilient food production and resilient food distribution systems using our community agricultural model to pull Smallholder Farmers together to commercialize agricultural production and distribution of nutrient-dense food in our communities and beyond.

Our activities generate major outcomes of boosting food production/security, support farmers to make profit from their farms, implementing resilient food distribution, increasing food safety/food traceability, expanding production to build capacity of farmers, providing inputs, training/personal capacity development and creating resilient markets for SHFs commodities. We promote sustainable Agriculture through Beekeeping, Regenerative/food forestry system of production, resilient market creation, Organic Agriculture and support farmers to be adaptive and be more resilient to climate change impacts.

COFARMS is an Agricultural investment company that promote sustainable Agriculture through regenerative food forestry system of production to increase key player’s resilience to climate change, support working class to succeed in launching Agro businesses and setup profitable agro investment portfolios. We provide trainings to launch and expand Agro enterprise, setup a profitable Agro investment portfolio and provide training to help investors take informed decision to mitigate risks that leads to loss of capital. We train other farms staff/team, coordinate and execute Agro project/Agro Investment for other companies, provide management services to other farms/agro businesses, Agricultural Real Estate and contract farming.

  • Cofarms improves and promote resilient/sustainable agriculture through regenerative food forestry production and organic agriculture as a method of improving smallholder farmers resilience to improve on food production. We are an agro tech company that boosts food security through smallholder farmers participation and engagement using our community agricultural model to generate these major outcomes.
  • Increase in raw materials production to boost processing and distribution of nutrient dense-foods.
  • Coordinate agricultural projects for other companies and improve on root crop, grains and livestocks production.
  • Coordinates training of smallholder farmers to build capacity for regenerative, organic, food forestry and good agricultural practices and equip farmers with necessary knowledge to increase adaptability and resilience. We train farmers for other companies’ agricultural projects, farm workers and other key players in the agricultural value chain.
  • Improves on livestock production, bee keeping and fishery.
  • Introduce and deploy mechanization, in-farm satellite solution and modern day technology to enhance performance within the agricultural value chain
  • We aggregate and coordinate aggregation of commodities for other companies and export our farmers produce.
  • We create a profitable platform for agricultural investment and train working class/personnels on profitable investment within the agricultural space. For pre/post retirement plans and as additional sources of income. In COFARMS we belief everyone must not run a farm, but everyone must own a farm or invest in one
  • Our primary trees are coffee, cocoa, avocado, cashew, moringa, tick timber, orange, plantains and banana while our primary crops are ginger, rice, sesame, hibiscus, soybeans and maize
  • We support different actions in the agricultural value chain and design ecosystems and food solutions.
  • We train and deploy farm workers/extension agents to other companies’ projects, provide monitoring/evaluation and general extension services.
  • We design agro projects, farm setup and farm planning/agro project execution.
  • We provide technology and digital solutions for farm management services, farm monitoring, post harvest handling, crop monitoring and productivity, weather patterns/reports, soil temperature/moisture and farmers data. Our technology helps in soil NPK testing, temperature and moisture sensor, aerial image and satellite imaging, land mapping, crop mapping, GPS technology, renewable energy, livestock tracking software and solar irrigation.
  • We help in  agricultural data generation as well as advanced analysis that allows farmers and investors to make smart investment decisions.
  • Our model helps to reduce the number of small-scale farmers in our society by training and building them into communities of farmers who pull their small resources together to commercialize Agricultural production. We are fully present in Nigeria and some parts of Cameroon and Togo.

CO-FARMS model helps to reduce the number of small holder farmers in our society by training and building them into communities of farmers who pull their small resources together to commercialize agricultural production for organic commodities. Our activities in the rural communities decrease the population of small scale farmers and increase the population of Agro-actors and Agro-preneurs (who play critical roles at every level of the Agricultural Value Chain). We are providing Organic Farmer with agro solution, training, inputs, seeds/seedlings, aggregate harvested produce to add value, process and distribute while linking farmers to the right market. 

We produce to European Standard of Organic, USDA-NOP Standard, IFOAM International Standard and GLOBAL- GAP. we are certify on European standard, NOP, Global Gap and can produce and be certify to any choice standard.

Our Values

Providing affordable and efficient Agricultural solutions to all farmers and Agropreneurs using knowledge, value chain enhancement, market linkages and technology/machinery to boost agricultural productivity. Enhance Agricultural business participation of smallholder farmers and support farmers by providing agricultural services and seeds/inputs.

Our Mission

To help stimulate farmer’s passion for organic/regenerative Agriculture, while we create collective system of farming that encourage joint and cluster production. Deploy new and modern technology & machinery in Agriculture while implementing a resilient market, making farming attractive to the youths while providing nutrient-dense food to our communities and protecting the soil and our environment.

Over the past seven years COFARMS have provided training/capacity building to 40,000 farmers in Nigerian, produce a total of 20,000 hectares to boost food production through sustainable system of production, operate in 21 state in Nigeria, pioneering the Nigerian Go Organic Project, provide farm development consulting/extension services to farmers  and champion business discussion/agribusiness among the 100,000 small holder farmers and 500 SMEs we are currently working with to boost their standard and best practices.

Our Objectives

  • Promote Organic Agriculture in Nigeria
  • Drive Innovation and Mechanization in Agriculture.
  • Increase Agricultural market participation in Africa.
  • Boost participation in Agricultural Value Chain and the Agricultural space
  • Reduce hunger and Unemployment.
  • Boost and localize Agricultural Solutions.
  • Promote new and modern practice in Agriculture.
  • Become the no 1 Agricultural Ecosystem in Africa.
  • Develop communities and build an entrepreneurial Continent
  • Stimulate the creativity and passion of young people/women to farm.
  • Build an entrepreneur friendly ecosystem
  • Increase the competitiveness of Nigerian grown food in the international market.
  • Transform farming to Agribusiness and farmers to Agropreneurs.
  • Boost household income and make farming lucrative.
Cofarms Greenaid Revolution LTD

Promoting participation of women in Organic Agriculture


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