Investment Opportunities Within the Agricultural Value Chain

COFARMS is an agricultural investment company that promote sustainable Agriculture through regenerative food forestry system of production to increase key player’s resilience to climate change, support working class to succeed in launching Agro businesses and setup profitable agro investment portfolios. We provide trainings to launch and expand Agro enterprise, setup a profitable Agro investment portfolio and provide training to help investors take informed decision to mitigate risks that leads to loss of capital. We train other farms staff/team, coordinate and execute Agro project/Agro Investment for other companies, provide management services to other farms/agro businesses, Agricultural Real Estate and contract farming.

Below are some of the investment portfolios that we cover

Regenerative food forestry production

Regenerative Agriculture enhances biodiversity and soil organic matter through intercropping, zero tillage, crop rotation, stubble retention, biological breakdown, soil regeneration, and ecosystem integration.

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Livestock production and trading

Cofarms offer training on livestock production and trading, This ranges from rabbitery, poultry, fishery, cattle rearing, pigery, etc. Attend our weekend orientation meeting on zoom for free to get more knowledge on investment portfolios available under the agricultural value chain.

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Commodities trading

Commodity trading is one of the easiest way to make money within the agricultural value chain. It is safe and highly rewarding. Attend our weekly orientation meeting on zoom for free to get knowledge on how to trade major commodities for both local and international markets.
International commodities (Hibiscus flower, Ginger, Sesame seeds, Honey, Cashew, cocoa, etc.)

Local Commodities (Rice, Maize, Sorghum, beans, yams, oranges, etc.)

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Agro Real Estate

Agro real estate is one of the newest form of investment within the agricultural value chain. It is an investment portfolio that allows you buy farmland, buy farms, and buy food forestry farms accross Nigeria, while small-holder farmers within the community provide management service for you the investor and you cash out every season. Attend our weekly orientation meeting on zoom to get more knowledge on agro real estate.

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Agricultural Commodities Export

Agro commodity export is a large investment portfolio in the agricultural value chain, investment in this portfolio requires from 24 million and above to start. Attend our weekly  orientation meeting on zoom to get more knowledge on agro commodity export.

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Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is a new system of agriculture that allows you to start farming within your house. It is a system of agriculture that doesn’t require much space to start. Some of the examples of this kind of farming include: mushroom farming, snail farming, vertical agriculture, fishery, sack farming, aquaponics, hydroponics, greenhouse.

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Bee Keeping

Bee keeping is the primary process of rearing bees to produce honey. It is one of the easiest investment to start with high returns. An investment in one beehive can produce upward of 10 to 20 litters in a year and you can start this wth a minimum of 50,000. Attend our weekly orientation meeting on zoom to get more knowledge on this investment portfolio.

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Crop Production

Crop production is one of the common ways of investing within the agricultural value chain. It promises high returns and also has high risk on investment. We offer training and inestment support to all those willing to invest in the crop production value chain. We also offer training on how to identify profitable and risk free crop investments and also teach you on how to mitigate the risk involved in crop production. Some of the profitable crops to invest in are: ginger, maize, rice, tumeric, beans, tomatoes, onions, pepper, etc

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